Individuals who have been lawful permanent residents of the United States for three to five years may be eligible to become United States citizens. Individuals applying for citizenship must also pass a civics test. 

The No More A Stranger Foundation works with individuals applying for United States citizenship. The Foundation also offers classes to prepare individuals for the Civics Test. 

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United States citizens and lawful permanent residents can file petitions to bring certain family members to the United States.

United States citizens over age 21 can file petitions for their spouses, children, parents, and siblings.

Lawful permanent residents of the United States can file petitions for their spouses and unmarried children. 

Certain family members are approved right away, while others have to wait many years. For this reason, it is generally best to file as soon as possible.

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Immigrants who are in the United States and fear returning to their home country may apply for asylum. Asylum applicants must show that they fear extreme harm because of something they cannot change. For example, their race, religion, nationality, or political opinion. Asylum applicants may also qualify if they have been persecuted for other reasons related to their membership in a particular social group.

Asylum applications have a deadline. They should be submitted as soon after arriving in the United States as possible. 

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Individuals who were brought to the US as children who have no legal immigration status in the US may be able to receive DACA protection. 

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